Where are you jay?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jay's Christimas

Hi Friends
Did you have wonderful holidays?
I can't believe that We are end of 2006 already.
when I think about what happend to me in 2006,Just I can say that God is so faithful.

Praise the lord
I bought small nice mini car.
It was my dream to have mini car,,,but I never imagine that I could get one in mdagascar....But God did for me^^

Our Vision Valley home group had wonderful christmas Party.
Sing christmas song together&and share all small gifts and play game.
BLessed the name of the Lord

Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy birthday Jay

It's awesome that I could have wonderful birthday party even I am far from my home
Jay became 29 years old....will be 30 very soon.
Once Again,I realised that I'm so blessed !!!

We had korean dinner and went to karaoke...had so much fun!!
Nice to have friends from all nations.!!!
We are from korea,south africa,new zealand,germany,and canada and
from 20 years to 50 years...!!

I believe that our kingdom of God will be like that.
All nation,All age group will come to our living God!!

I miss you guys very much!!!
Is there anyone who loves to come madagascar to see this beautiful land and Me??

Bless you

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


How I can describe my life without madagascar.
Madagascar it's more than country that i'm living now.
Sometimes Strange that I love this country more than my home country.
it's because God really does something in my heart.

here,I'm working for one american textile company.We make medical uniforms and export to United states,,It's amazing to see that How my job changes every year..!!

and It's nice to have friends to hang out and share my life in madagascar
It's the one of reason that I love this country so much

And Beautiful sky!!!
I guarantee you that Madagascar's sky is the most beautiful sky in this planet!!!

Miss you all of you

with Lots of Love

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Jay came back to madagascar.
I never expected that I could come back so early.
But by God's grace,I could get a job working in textile company.
And Even Work is very hard and busy....Still I can say i'm happy to be back this lovely place!!

Not so many photo at this moment
I will put more soon^^

Miss you my friends

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Come Back Home

hey friends!! how are you doing???
Jay came back to korea last wendesday...VEry happy to back home...but also same time
it's such a weird feeling...hard to describe..!
I love to share some pics from korea.
Miss you all!!

Me at home

Korean Cuisine!!(sam gyup sal(korean pork)
I missed korean food so much!

shopping mall in seoul...strange to be very industrialized place...
I miss madagascar and india very badly from here

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ByeBye India

HEllo my friends!!
Jay just finished long india trip.i'm on the way to go home.
But still chilling out here in thailand for 1 week.
trip in india was very different than i expected.
india is such a diverse country,I cannot discribe with one word.
3month with DTS was such a hard time for me.
It was not easy at all to stay with only local people.and it was hard to follow them with out any proper explanation..but anyway...it's all gone.
Thanks for you guys friendship...specially in MC ganzi...it was awesome time for me.

tibetan concert with tibetan dancers

I had 7days tibetan massage course with awesome ppl

last day in india

Saturday, May 06, 2006

snow point in india

I'm in india now swiss

ski place in india was quite surprised...doesn't exist any lift to go up mountain.
anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....it was amazing the fact that i can enjoy ski in india.
never imagine..

always such a big blessing to go somewhere with awesome friends