Where are you jay?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ByeBye India

HEllo my friends!!
Jay just finished long india trip.i'm on the way to go home.
But still chilling out here in thailand for 1 week.
trip in india was very different than i expected.
india is such a diverse country,I cannot discribe with one word.
3month with DTS was such a hard time for me.
It was not easy at all to stay with only local people.and it was hard to follow them with out any proper explanation..but anyway...it's all gone.
Thanks for you guys friendship...specially in MC ganzi...it was awesome time for me.

tibetan concert with tibetan dancers

I had 7days tibetan massage course with awesome ppl

last day in india

Saturday, May 06, 2006

snow point in india

I'm in india now swiss

ski place in india was quite surprised...doesn't exist any lift to go up mountain.
anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....it was amazing the fact that i can enjoy ski in india.
never imagine..

always such a big blessing to go somewhere with awesome friends