Where are you jay?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jay's Christimas

Hi Friends
Did you have wonderful holidays?
I can't believe that We are end of 2006 already.
when I think about what happend to me in 2006,Just I can say that God is so faithful.

Praise the lord
I bought small nice mini car.
It was my dream to have mini car,,,but I never imagine that I could get one in mdagascar....But God did for me^^

Our Vision Valley home group had wonderful christmas Party.
Sing christmas song together&and share all small gifts and play game.
BLessed the name of the Lord


Blogger Casimiri said...

Hello Jay !
Thank you for you kind words in my blog ! whaoo I'm really surprised about your amazing experience ! Really pleased to have discovered your blog though. It sounds that you really enjoy your life in Madagascar ! Enjoy ! Read you soon !

11:23 AM  

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